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The Rinpa Foundation is pleased to offer several Certificate Programs when a quorum of interested students can be convened. Prerequisite to all programs is attendance at the National Training Seminar held annually over the Memorial Day Weekend in late May.

Classes are held in several different formats. Weekend, Intensive, and Year Long formats are available. Workshops are held in various locations in both Europe and North America.

Indicate your interest on our application form, available soon, please contact us in the meanwhile.

Contemporary operators of martial arts studios must seek to maximize all possible revenue streams in order to stay in business. If your school is only in use for three hours a night, there are a lot of hours during the day that are available. Rather than going commercial with your Art, why not serve your community in other ways during those empty hours? Martial arts may be for everybody, but not every person wishes to study the martial arts. But everyone needs to use their body to develop their full life potential.

In many martial schools across North America, schedules are diversifying with classes in yoga, strength and stretch, kaerobics, bodywork, and more. Martial artists have a lot of experiential knowledge regarding the body, but not many movement programs are geared to capitalize on that store of knowledge or those years of experience.

All courses are intended for the black belt martial artist or movement professional who has been teaching regularly for at least three years. Brown belts who meet these qualifications may also apply.

Courses can be taken as individual exploration, or combined so that a participant qualifies for certificate. Each course is designed to stand alone. The participant will be provided with information, theory, practice, as well as practical principles that allow for immediate application of the work by the participant within their teaching situation.

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