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For all Rinpa events an attempt should be made to find a sponsor for the event, or break up the event into manageable pieces so that individual members may have an opportunity to sponsor the parts that make up the whole. Sponsored pieces of the whole could include advertising, space rental, and any other group expenses incurred during the teachings. Sponsors are also needed for the three necessities for any instructor: transport, food, and shelter.

In return, sponsors are able to take a tax deduction to the full extent allowed by law. Sponsors are also given an opportunity to practice the character building virtue of charity. The Bhagava Gita, among other religious texts, concludes that it is charity and not wealth which is important. The Rinpa teachers are also receiving an opportunity to practice charity, since alll Rinpa teachers forego teaching fees. Donations are gratefully accepted, however.

Every attempt is made to keep the seminar fees reasonable for membership, given that fact that so many members are traveling to receive teachings. However, not only are there legitimate expenses involved with making the seminars happen, the Foundation has an agenda as well. These events are also to a small degree fund raising events for the Rinpa Foundation. The teachings  serve eager practitioners, but funds have to be raised, otherwise mission statement will never succeed, such as establishing a retreat center. For the training weekend to have been truly successful, all constituents have to  benefit; membership, Foundation, and sponsors.

Daimyo $5000

Support of the four day Shugyo Keiko Training in May or Four day Black Belt Intensive in Novemeber

Samurai $1500

Support o f a training weekend such as the annual Setsubon traing weekend

Zinja $500

Support of one day of a training or one round triip flight for an instructor

Ninja $100

Support of one hour of training

Ashigaru $50

Basic support of the Foundation

Please contact your Personnel Department at work. Many businesses offer a matching gift program as a part of community outreach that matches employee giving.

To Indicate your interest, please contact Hennum Sensei at or fax your level of interest to 412.361.1080. Duomo arrigato for your consideration .
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