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We have begun the process of envisioning the Foundation for the twenty-first century. We chose one overarching goal--to touch more people, and to touch them more deeply.

This year, we are developing ancillary programs in various areas as a means of not only serving the martial  community but also the general public. Teacher training, movement studies, and specialized certificate programs such as Yoga that offer participants an opportunity to take this work into the daily life of their communities are being developed and designed.

The Foundation needs operating capital. We need to upgrade our services and programs through the creation of necessary infrastructure. Participants in our programs increasingly face a need for greater support, which, once met, would bring this work, with all its transformational potential, further into the heart of society where it unquestionably belongs.

You can help our new direction unfold by giving a generous gift, donating goods and services, volunteering, purchasing products from our online store, renewing your membership, or by becoming a member at whatever level.

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