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In our Kai, calculated risk taking is approved as a strategy. In our conference, we have taught people at a distance starting in the Kyu ranks, not at black belt as in some other martial arts. A standard Ko Ryu would look at that policy as Insane.  There are very good reasons for that view. An experienced teacher is required for steady development. The process takes a longer and is  difficult for both student and Sensei, but a few special individuals have proved such an approach can work. Provided several people bond together to continue training, a study group can progress.

We support brown belt leaders and their clubs,  though better odds of success lie with black belt leaders and their study groups. Yes, brown belt situations are rarely perfect, and the cards are stacked against their success. It is remarkably hard for even an experienced Sensei to guide students effectively at a distance, and it is easy for a brown belt to become lost.

Yet a good brown belt should have advantages that outweigh the disadvantages. The successful brown belt will hold an ethic of leading and avoid falling into the ego trap of trying to teach the group. In the former paradigm, there are many valuable lessons in Wu-wei(i) or not doing. The idea for all members of the study group is to eventually attain a black belt. Power to the elbow of all who so try.

There is a good metaphor for this long distance teaching activity. You have a jug with sandy water in
the middle of a desert. Someone crawls into your camp, for all purposes dying of thirst. Do you not
share the water in the jug? Or because the water happens to be sandy, do you withhold it? For our System, we share the water, and attempt to work through the multitudinous mistakes that must inevitably come. Such an approach has a number of inherent difficulties, but if it succeeds once despite  numerous failures, then the policy is a success.

Circuses have crystal balls, but all anyone else can predict with absolute surety is that if no group ever tries, no individual member will succeed. In the diashoku's club, each member needs the others for their success. Now, through the posse's camaraderie, each individual has a rare and precious opportunity for personal growth. They know it is crazy to try, yet they are willing to give it a go. They're nuts.

Such stubborn craziness marks our organization and its members, no matter their rank. Members break ground for their own trail, and must follow their own path to make a Way.

To apply for this status, please contact :
the Registrar, Hito Ryu, care of TMAS, Box 5234,
Pittsburgh, Pa., 15206

Prerequiste: Attendance at the National Trainng Seminar held during the Memorial Day Holiday 
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