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Joseph Urich
Joseph Urich began martial arts in 1988 at the Carnegie Mellon University Aikijujutsu Club. He was awarded Oku Iri in Aikijujutsu in 1993. He completed Oku Iri gradings in Kenjutsu and Jojutsu during 1993-94, followed by Moku Roku in Aikijujutsu during 1995.

In 1996 he joined David White to found the Traditional Martial Arts Society in Pittsburgh PA. Since 1996 he has been teaching and running the Traditional Martial Arts Society, while completing Moku Roku in the arts of Kenjutsu and Jojutsu. Joseph Urich is a licensed Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania, and works as a consulting engineer for electricutilities seeking to reduce air pollution. He married his wife Lisa in 1994 and together they have two sons.

Nels Hennum
Senior Instructor

For over twenty years, (Mr.) Nels Hennum has spread the martial ways. That mandate has taken him across North America and overseas. He received his Menkyo diplomas from Shinan Nishiyama Sensei (click here). He also has Dan ranking in other arts.

Professor Hennum has taught at numerous institutions including, Yale, New York University, University of North Carolina, Southern Methodist University, Rutgers, City College of New York, SUNY/Purchase, and the Union Institute. Most recently, he was an Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota, where he was also Director of Movement for the MFA (Master of Fine Arts) Professional Actors' Training program in association with the Guthrie Theatre.

A produced playwright, he has also been active in other areas within the Theatre, notably serving as Fight Director on over one hundred professional productions including cinema, television, on Broadway, and beyond.

A student of the human movement potential with certificates in Dowd studies, he has had a limited practise as a movement therapist since 1994.

He has received teachings from Ueno Sensei of Yudanosan Jinja (click here) and at Tsubaki Dai Jinja. An ubasoka, he was initiated as a Yambushi (Yamabusi) in 2003 by H. Ohta Sensei of the Yamabushi Shugen Taiken Jyukuchoh Kyokai in Touge, Japan. He received his Toku-iri (click here) from Shimazu Sensei of Shozenin Temple of the Kotakuji lineage of Haguro-ha Shugendo after completing the 2004 Aikinomine (click here). He also completed the 2005 Aikinomine. He practices Misogi, Kotodama, Amma, Kigaku (astrology), and other esoteric disciplines.

Hennum Sensei recently officiated at the nuptials of Erlyn and Keith Boomley. The bride looked lovely in her kimono. (click here). He is available for ceremonies commemorating Life passages.

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